Scouting Signs : Gobbler Doo Doo, Dusting Bowls, Scratchings, Strut Marks, etc…

I hope everyone is in the woods chasing Toms or scouting for their upcoming season.  I constantly get asked questions about what I look for when I scout .  Turkeys leave several evident signs of their presence including DooDoo,  Dusting Bowls, Scratchings, and Strut Marks.  Lets talk about turkey poop today!

One of my favorite answers to an obvious question is “Does a wild bear “poop or $&*^@!” in the woods?”  Well,  yes along with every other animal.   One of the things I look for while scouting  is Turkey poop and the type of turkey poop.  A little know fact is that many times a Gobbler will leave a different “poop design” than a hen.   Gobblers will leave a clumpier poop pile while the hen will leave a smaller pile that resembles the letter “J”.   Here are some pictures:

Hen Poop = Note the “J”

Gobbler Poop - Clumpy!

My wife would tell you that this just shows that  males of every specie:   mammal, human, reptiles, turkeys,  etc…. share the same bathroom habits.   Men pride themselves on their explosions while women are “dainty”.     From a turkey hunting perspective, finding a  large clump means that you have gobblers in your area.  So know your turkey poop and harvest more gobblers!!!

Until Next Time,

Tight Lines & Struttin Toms!

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