*Attention Beginner and Intermediate Turkey Hunters*

Online Video Trainings that are Educational but Fun and "Action Packed"!


Whether you're a youth, beginner or intermediate turkey hunter, these video trainings will help guide you to become more successful at Turkey Hunting!


Here's a short clip below of the "Intro Video" inside the Online Video Course - "How to Turkey Hunt 101"...

Here's Why Turkey Hunters Love This Course...

  • 1

    More than 30 (+) Video Lessons Inside!! (Videos like these are NOT on Youtube)

    These video's are in a "Step-by-Step" format that are easy to follow and understand!

    *Also great for getting a child or youth hunter started correctly!

  • 2

    Over 6hrs of Exciting Video Footage!

    Each video is short so you don't have to watch long videos and change your busy schedule! 

  • 3

    Not Only Educational...But Fun, Exciting, & Adrenaline "Heart Pumping" Entertainment TOO!

    These Video Lessons are jammed packed with TONS of actually hunt footage with multiple kills! These are NOT  typical boring videos. "Even children and youth hunters find them exciting and keep their attention while learning new things!"...

  • 4

    Multiple BONUSES Inside!...

    Bonuses Include -

    • "Essential Turkey Hunters Checklist"!
    • Turkey Hunting CONTEST!
    • Cooking Videos w / Recipes!
    • Extra instructional videos on how to skin and mount your own bird! 
    • Chance to win a $100.00 Amazon gift card to buy turkey gear!!

Here's What You'll Get inside the Course!

Each Module is broken up into multiple Lessons that are "Step - By - Step" while fun and easy to follow!!

Module 1 -

Turkey Basics

Multiple Lessons Covering - Turkey Basics, Age, Gender, Sub Species, Turkey Sense, and much more...

Module 2 -

Turkey Behavior

Lessons explaining - Daily behavior,

Roosting, Dominance, Breeding, Hen Dominance and more...

Module 3 - 

Weapons and Gear

Lessons Include - Weapons, Ammo, Patterning Shot, Blinds, Chairs, Apparel & Other Gear...

Module 4 - Calling


Multiple Lessons on Calling with....

Slate, Diaphragms, Push Buttons, Box Calls, Locator Calls, and much more...

Module 7 - Strategies

Tons of Lessons on - Roosting, Run-n-gun, Reaping, Blind Hunting, Ambushing, and a whole lot more!!!

Bonus Module 2 -

Skinning for Taxidermy

Watch vids of an Award Winning Taxidermist prep the bird for mounting!

Module 5 - Decoys


Learn the different kinds of decoys, the different brands we use, and when to use specific decoys based on different strategies!

Module 8 - Harvesting the Bird!

Valuable Lessons on where to aim, recovering the bird, and tagging it!

Bonus # 3 - 

"Essential Turkey Hunting Checklist!"

Get a list of all the equipment, calls, gear, and even a "to-do" list before the hunt!

Module 6 - Where to Hunt and What to look for...

Lessons cover - Where to hunt, turkey sign, what to avoid, and more!

Bonus Module

# 1 - Cooking Recipes

Watch master Chef Will Kissell cook different recipes for both the Breast Meat and the Turkey Legs!!

Bonus # 4 - 


Check out the Turkey Hunting Contest inside the course valued at $1,000.00!!

Here's a FREE VIDEO LESSON from the inside the course!!

Get over 35 more videos and all the bonuses when you sign up today!!


Jessica Banes

Brock Neith

Barry Mooney

Larry Miller

"This course is awesome!"

"I have turkey hunted for yrs and can't believe how much I learned from this course! There is nothing else like this anywhere and ALL turkey hunters will love this. It's easy to watch, so clear, funny, but has has great videos and lots of enthusiasm! This is great! Thanks for changing my turkey hunt!"

Danny Hagan

I love it!...

"Before I went through this course, I felt I was a seasoned turkey hunter. I normally harvest birds in a few different states. Little did I know, I must have been getting lucky because this course showed me how and why I was failing and it explained step by step on how to harvest some of the tricky Toms I've been struggling with. I sent this to all my turkey hunting friends and family!!"

Jessica Banes

Amazing! I highly recommend it!...

"This is AMAZING content!!! I'm very impressed and I'm a broke bum and feel like this is worth every penny! I've got other ladies already wanting to take the course too!"

Is this Course Right for You?

If you're a beginner or intermediate Turkey Hunter and want to become better, than this course is for you!...


  • Beginner or Intermediate turkey hunter who wants to become better!

  • A hunter who cares about conservation.

  • A hunter who cares about the future of turkey hunting in our great country.

  • Someone who wants to help our youth and future hunters understand hunting in this great Nation!


  • People who don't want to get better at turkey hunting.

  • People who have shot over 200 hundred turkeys and know everything already!

  • People who don't care about hunting in this great country!

  • People who don't care about the younger generations and the future of hunting.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

No Risk! No strings attached! 100% Money Back Guarantee! If, for any reason you finish this course and feel like you did not receive the training and content to help you become a better turkey hunter, than you request a refund. You must complete the entire course and explain why this course wasn't worth its value.

Here's a recap of what you get!...

Inside this Turkey Hunting Course, you will get...

  • Over 30 (+) Videos Lessons - $67

  • Bonus # 1 - Tons of Hunt Footage - $27

  • Bonus # 2 - Turkey Hunting Checklist - $17

  • Bonus # 3 - Contest! - Winner gets to go on a Filmed Turkey Hunt with us that will be aired on T.V. - $$$

  • Bonus # 4 - Cooking Video Recipes . -$17











Valued at Over - $97

Normally - $37




Limited Time Offer - $27

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